With the onset of spring days open summer season. A trip outside the city, to the country, as corny as it may sound, is very good relax. Hike a large company somewhere in the suburbs, fry a shish kebab on a fire, play volleyball or football, go fishing and simply soak up the sun – what could be better.Take a trip to the nearby town or take a tour of reserved places. Walking around an unfamiliar city, going to local cafés or restaurants, visits to various cultural locations will bring a lot of impressions and pleasure. In cold or rainy weather you can go the whole company in the sauna. For a large company this kind of vacation wouldn't cost much, but output will be great, besides it will bring health benefits. In saunas presents a whole range of services for every taste and steam rooms (Finnish, Turkish, Russian), and swimming pools, karaoke, Billiards, etc. For lovers of active holidays a good option is Cycling or rollerblading. It all depends on the preferences of the company. Plan your route in advance, then you will see a lot of beautiful places of your native city or its environs. Arrange a halt somewhere in the woods, take a break from the bustling metropolis. Do not neglect urban activities. Examine the poster the day it be sure to find something suitable for your company. For example, a concert or exhibition.If funds allow, buy a ticket abroad or at the seaside. Well, if the company has no extra money, spend a weekend in the hotel. Gather friends and play a Board game like "Monopoly." Game time is approximately 3 hours, during this time, and the communication will take place in a relaxed home environment and coffee you can drink, and talk on topics that interest you.