First write a complaint to the management of the savings Bank. It can be addressed in the Bank's head office and the branch in which served. In the letter provide details of the circumstances of the case, indicate how the Bank has violated your rights, describe the requirements. Be sure to fill in your details, return address. Most likely, the Bank will meet the standard reply. But if the case goes to court, it will be seen that you tried to solve the problem peacefully, in the pretrial order.
Write the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor in the following cases: if the savings Bank has charged you a fee and refuses to return them, if they imposed restrictions on the early repayment of the loan if without your notice gave the debt collectors. Also write to the CPS if the Bank does not want to sue you at your place of residence, if the insurance imposes in addition to the loan, unilaterally changed the terms of the contract.
To the office in writing, if the savings Bank directly violates your rights, the rights of others or seen other violations of the law. The Prosecutor's office as CPS, is designed to protect the rights of citizens in cases when they are unable to do so themselves or are not able to hire a lawyer.
Write a complaint to the Central Bank in cases of specific violations of the law, if the savings Bank does not provide the required information violates the terms of service. The Central Bank is a serious body that can deliver a lot of trouble violators of the law, including revocation of the license for banking activity. Therefore, the complaint should indicate which laws and regulations have been violated by the savings Bank. If you are not legally savvy, forming a strongly worded letter to the Central Bank, be sure to consult with a lawyer.
The complaint in Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) email in cases of violation of advertising legislation. That is, when an advertisement promises one thing and the reality is different- if the Bank introduces its customers is misleading, is not reported in the credit agreement. Also, the FAS complain if the savings Bank is forcing to use the services of a particular insurance or valuation of the company, thereby limiting competition.
If Sberbank disclose your personal information, information on your deposits and loans with outside parties calling on the phones that you did not specify in questionnaires and contracts can complain to the police. Or to illuminate the fact of violation in the press and media.