You will need
  • - documents required for submission to insurance company.
Make a claim to the insurance company, it shall be in writing. It is important to specify the name and position of the person in whose name the document. Usually the complaint is made to the Director of the insurance company. Specify the details of the insured event. If it's an accident, then specify the participants of the incident, record the registered numbers of vehicles, the policy number, who is to blame in the incident, accident certificate and Protocol number of the offense and the number of the decision in the case of violation.
Provide information about the actions of an insurance agent. Inform the date of treatment to the insurance company and list the documents that you gave to the insurance agent in accordance with the terms of the contract.
State the nature of the claim, what it is (for example, violation of the terms of payment of the insurance). Inform that you intend to address in court with the claim about compensation of damage, if your requirements will not be considered on time. The text of the statement make reference to the articles of the law, which violates the insurance firm.
Ask the representative of the insurance company confirmation that you have received all the documents. This can be a signed copy of documents or marked with the date of the making and painting of the host officials. It is important to make a copy of all documents that are relevant to the case (receipts, certificates, acts, etc.).
Send the complaint by registered mail with return receipt requested. Remove several copies of the complaints, they can be useful when going to court. If your complaint was not addressed in a timely manner, you have the right to go to court. After a positive decision on your complaint in court, you can apply to the tax authorities with a request to suspend the activities of insurance companies on the basis of violations of the law.