Go to a furniture store or Studio with its own list of requirements for a future kitchen. You should consider what color it will be, what material, what and how many lockers it is planned, what equipment will be built-in where should be located the sink, what should be lockers for width, length and so on.
Keep in mind, the ratio of "price-quality" in the selection of dishes is essential. Do not believe the advertising slogans of the furniture company that will offer you good quality food. Look for those deals in which the price will be affordable (not inflated), and the quality of the products will be at the proper level.
Ask not do the designers of your chosen furniture companies use 3D programs to design kitchens. The fact that the final version of the kitchen, hand-drawn on paper, is unlikely to be high-quality order execution.
Visit the salon, which offers you the option of dishes. In the office or warehouse, you need to make sure that their dishes are not in the brochures, but really.
Do not buy furniture through online stores, where you will be asked to check the quality of materials and finished products only "a picture." And in further cooperation with online stores is very difficult. It is unlikely that they will provide you with the services of their furniture assemblers, warranty, and so on.
Case your chosen dishes must be made of laminated chipboard, as this material resists moisture, thermal exposure, can be easily cleaned.
The parts ends in the kitchen should be treated PVC material to not only the kitchen was high quality, but also last you a long time.
The kitchen should be mounted on legs that can be adjusted. Headset without legs quickly deteriorate from the bottom, as the kitchen is most often on the floor, poured water, and laminated chipboard walls, which are the kitchen "without legs", swell from moisture, covered with mold.
Do not undertake to set their own chosen set for your kitchen. Let that to the experts, especially the installation of the kitchen involves applying and screwing a variety of decorative materials, strips, screws, nails and so on, which when opening the packaging you will not know the application. Moreover, improper installation of the furniture, the firm should guarantee the correction of the mistakes.