You will need
  • Comb, hairspray, hair clip.
Braid usually begin to weave in front, after all, the most accurate should be the area to frame the face. This area accounts for approximately one-third of all hair. It is necessary to separate it from the main volume before you start weaving braids.
First of all, you need to take a section of hair, located at the forehead if you have bangs, start to weave from the edge of the bangs. Taken divide the strand into three equal parts and start braiding a normal braid, gradually weaving in more strands. The thing to remember is that when you run this hairstyles additional strands are added only in the region adjacent to the face, while on the other hand is formed the usual braid pinned around the head only by pilinevich strands. In this technique you need to braid a kind of rim.
When you weave in the "rim" the entire volume of the part of the hair that frames your face, it is necessary to dissolve the rest of the hair. After that we need to continue to braid her hair. To do this, separate a small section, dividing it into two equal parts, as the third part of the braid you want to use the hair remaining after netting of the "rim". Don't forget that from this moment you need to capture additional strands of the face and from the neck, the whole technique of weaving is identical to the initial one.
After the hair to add more strands over, braid doplatit standard method and a secure at the tip. With the help of studs or pins, attach it to the head at approximately the place where began the weave. Braid in a circle ready, fix the hair lacquer. After a while, my hands, the hair - braid in a circle - you will need no more than five to ten minutes. In addition, this hairstyle is very convenient, all the hair lifted, cleaned and nothing will interfere.