Men and women are completely different imagine their ideals. Men believe they have to be real males, a sort of macho, which is insane a lot of women. According to the girls, a real man should look very different. The main attribute for them is not appearance. Women always imagine the perfect man in different ways. Some like brunettes, some like blondes, brown-haired or redheads, some like blue eyes, someone brown-eyed or green-eyed, some are attracted to men who prefer sports style clothing, and some elegantly dressed guys. It turns out that for women it does not matter, will the man be high or low, thin or plump, it is important how he will behave with his woman and generally in society.
First and foremost, girls want men stopped to look under every "skirt" and considered the female solely as a sexual object. They are trying to ensure that guys appreciate women in mind and not just her appearance. The girls annoyed by the fact that men used to extol himself above them and all tend to emphasize their superiority. There is an interesting female opinion on what a real man should be able to wash, clean and cook, at least for myself. Girls want to see not only courageous, but humble and intelligent guy.
In addition to all these masculine qualities, there is still a huge list of things that should be able man. So, the man should be able to: listen, speak, be silent, be interesting to maintain a conversation (especially when he stalled), to stand up for myself and for my girl. This list can be continued indefinitely. It turns out that a real man doesn't have to be beautiful. Women appreciate in men, not their appearance, but their inner qualities.