A real man should have an adult understanding of life, to be Mature and mentally ready for a serious relationship. This quality of character does not depend on age or education, it's not even fully grown and intelligent men can be quite childish. Maturity depends on the attitude to life and who sees himself a man: a man who cares about a woman who knows how to solve problems and provide for his family or those who need constant care. Maturity is to be expected contributes to the manifestation of self-confidence, responsibility for loved ones, courage and quickness of decision-making.
Qualities such as honesty and nobility, is also very often attributed to the ideal man. Often, however, women can't explain what it means to be honest and noble. And what this means is to face the truth without embellishment, always objectively assess its position and opportunities, as well as communicate with a woman without lies and secrecy to admit their mistakes and strive to become better. The nobility of men is manifested in his role as a protector of women and children in his power, truthfulness and faithfulness to his ideals and principles. The courage to have similar ideals and principles - it is also one of the main manifestations of masculinity.
Real men know how to show strength, but never do it from mere desire, rage or anger. The power emanates from internal weaknesses. A real man does not impact physically on a woman or child, it exerts a force only to protect his family or weaker person. In addition, the strength manifested in steadfastness, restraint, perseverance, struggle with adversity, solving problems. A real man doesn't whine and complain, but sometimes it still requires the support of a loving person.
A real man has a purpose in life and follow it. However, he clearly understands that life is paramount, and that is just his selfish desire, because it can wait. He is able to find ways to achieve the goal, while it is respectful to partners, associates and even your opponents or competitors. A real man will not cross the borderline conscience or the law for the satisfaction of their own ambitions or for the sake of the desired goal. He will always find an honest way.
Such a man is hard-working and versatile developed. He does not shy away from work and do not shift responsibility for it onto other people. The acceptance of responsibility for their words, actions and deeds is as important to man not only in the workplace. And the more he takes responsibility, the stronger it becomes. A strong man knows how to keep his word, he can always be relied on, whatever happened.