To start looking for new owners

Do not delay finding a new home and owners for a kitten. While it is still small, he responds well to training. It can be accustomed to go to the toilet in the right place, to teach to behave correctly in the house. The small, cute kittens take more readily than an adult. To get started is to ring round relatives, acquaintances, friends. They probably want to have a pet. Simple persuasion fail to work, then you need to send e-mail pictures of furry creatures. They can melt the heart of anyone even if the person does not want to have animals.

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You can ask neighbors if they need a kitten or their relatives. If there is shyness to start a conversation, it is possible on the access door or in the Elevator to place an ad, in which to add a photo of a kitten and all the necessary details of the current owners.

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If the kitten is purebred, then attach it to a new family even easier. You can even help him a lot of money. In the markets, on the Sabbath, often organized exhibition of Pets with the purpose of sale. You can participate in one of them.

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Come to the aid of social network

Social networking can help "advertise" the kitten who wants to get into a new family. On the page you want to place a touching story about a kitten attached to the story like more funny photos. Someone from friends will see this ad and respond. In the story of the pet is worth mentioning a few words about the cat who gave birth to a kitten. To tell about her character, habits, abilities and other characteristics. If the mom-cat was a good pet, the kitten with the big share of probability will be the same.

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Ads on the city website

An announcement can be placed in the section "Give in good hands" on the city website. Thousands of people per day view the latest news of life in the city, maybe someone will find the ad and will want to own such an adorable kitten. Adults are most often Pets give birth against their will, and the will of the children. You can speak with the neighborhood kids and show them a kitten. One of the children to beg parents to take home this lovely creation. But it is not necessary to force a man to have a pet, no need to bring the kitten to life with careless owners who are too lazy to feed him or clean up after him. It is better to keep the kitten at home and to know he's all right. And cats to live alone in the apartment bored need someone to play with.

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