As a rule, power down the computer interfere with the open programs that the user did not bother to close manually. They require the consent of the closure. You need to close all open programs before you turn off the computer.
Another problem - over time the Windows registry accumulates a lot of "garbage", as a rule, not earlier retired remnants of deleted programs. Clean the registry using a program to clean the registry, like CCleaner.
It makes sense to remove from startup programs that don't need to load automatically when you start Windows. In fact, it is unclear how these unnecessary programs were in the startup list. Apparently, closterovirus.

To remove the program from startup, it will be convenient, using the utility to configure Windows "msconfig".

If your computer is running Windows 7, do the following:
1.Click on "start" in the window "search programs and files" type the word "msconfig".
2. Go into the program msconfig, choose the startup tab. In the window startup to remove the check mark from the programs that you do not need for startup.

In case you installed Windows XP, go to the utility is possible via the start button, and then after the "Execute"button.
Perhaps these simple measures will be enough to solve the problem too long turn off the computer. If the problem in this way is not solved, it makes sense to consult a specialist.