Click "start" and then click on "All programs" and select in the list the category of "Standard". In the submenu, select system tools and click scheduled tasks. Opens the scheduler window where you will see the option "Add task". Click on it to start the master planning of new jobs.
Click "Next" and clicking "Browse", open Windows Explorer. Specify the application which the scheduler should be run at a specified time. So how you want to configure shutdown of your computer, you need the Explorer window to locate the WINDOWS folder, and inside of this folder go to the subsection System32. Find it in this folder. shutdown.exe to select it, and click Open.
Selecting an application to run, specify a new scenario name (e.g. shutdown). In this window configure the time of day at which the job should be done, and regularity – daily or one-time required to run. For example, if you want the computer to shut down itself every day, regardless of where you are with him or not, install the daily script to run at 00:00.
If you want the computer to automatically turn off on weekdays only, tick the options "only on weekdays". Click "Next", enter the user name and password, and complete the task by clicking Finish.
You will see the scheduler window that appears. In this window, specify the command that will cause your script to action: C:\WINDOWSsystem32shutdown.exe –s. This will allow you to save any unsaved data before the computer shuts down.
Set the checkbox "Run only when logged in to the system." Now your computer will turn off itself even when you will not be able to do it yourself.