You will need
  • - screwdrivers; - thermal grease.
It is important to understand that the abrupt shutdown of computer may cause harm to many of its elements. Most often this affects hard drives. For starters, make sure that the socket is connected to your personal computer.
Connect the equipment to a different channel AC. If you have the opportunity, use an uninterruptible power supply. It is better to select the UPS is able to maintain the health of a computer for 3-4 minutes after a power failure.
If the problem persists, check the operation of the power supply installed in the system unit. To run diagnostics of the equipment alone is quite difficult. Replace the PSU with a known good equivalent. Make sure that the computer is stable.
In that case, if the power supply is OK, check the temperature of the critical devices of a personal computer. Install Everest or Speccy. If the computer shuts down even before loading the operating system, press and hold the Delete key immediately after turning on the PC.
View the temperature of the CPU and video card using the BIOS menu. Make sure that automatic computer shutdown caused by overheating simply. Leave the PC for 10-20 minutes, allowing it to cool naturally. Turn on the computer again.
For heating equipment, it takes some time, so the computer will turn off not immediately. Clean the cooling system of the PC. Remove the dust from all heat sinks. Change the thermal paste located between the CPU and heatsink. Make sure that the cooler tight to the CPU.
Check the operation of all internal fans. It is very important to ensure the work even of those coolers that are installed on a specific device. They are necessary for the admission of cool air into the unit.