As the name implies, the composition of the thermometer contain mercury. In one the thermometere contains up to 2 grams of heavy metal. The mercury is enclosed in a transparent glass tube which is very easy to break. Spilled mercury by itself is not dangerous, dangerous vapors, inhaling which, a person can get severe poisoning with far-reaching consequences for health. Used the thermometer should be disposed of in the trash or bury in the ground, it must be subjected to special disposal.
If the thermometer outwardly intact, but has served the century, it must accept for recycling organizations and pharmacies, which must be in special containers. But it all sounds nice in theory only. In life, you have to find a container, some private firms are taking the old thermometerand 10-30 rubles apiece, and if you are lucky enough to get contacts of the company, nor in any way do not lose them. You are more useful in utilization of energy saving mercury lamps. But if all your searches were unsuccessful, take the matter into their own hands. Find an empty bottle with a tight screw cap. Fill the bottle with a strong solution of potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate), dip in a solution of a thermometer and tightly close the bottle. This bottle can be left in a safe place until better times, or if the situation is completely hopeless, buried away from people and animals.
But if the thermometer breaks and the mercury it entails, in need of urgent decontamination room. Call your local emergency service and outline the situation to them. In most cases, rescuers go out on such calls and conduct proper processing. If you are left with the problem alone, don't panic. Just do it consistently.
- Open the window or window
- Put on gloves and pick up fragments of the thermometerand. With a rubber pear or a napkin moistened with oil, collect the visible mercury droplets.
- Mercury and glass fragments and place in a jar with water, tightly close the lid
- The place of the spill of mercury treat strong solution of bleach or potassium permanganate. In an extreme case, suitable concentrated soap-soda solution.
- Thoroughly ventilate the room.
The Bank try to put in the recycling, before that, try not to expose it to heat. Not pegmatite the scene of an accident with a broom, so you'll only break small balls of mercury in the dust. Do not try to vacuum this place. You only facilitate the process of evaporation of mercury and the vacuum will have to throw out. The last time the mercury thermometeris replaced and looks very similar to them with spirit thermometers. Alcohol is not as dangerous to humans as mercury, consider a thermometer as an alternative, when you purchase a new thermometer.