Advice 1: How to install a theme in samsung galaxy

Phone family are Samsung Galaxy are one of the most popular devices to date. These devices working under the Android operating system, and the installation is exactly the same as installing any apps through Google Play.
How to install a theme in samsung galaxy
Launch the Google Play on your device by using the appropriate shortcut on the desktop or through the menu "Applications".
At the top of the program window, type the word "Subject". In the list of search results select any theme and then click "Free" to install. If the theme is paid, then confirm the payment by following the instructions on the screen.
Wait for installation to finish, after which you will be able to run it with a shortcut appeared on the desktop. Themes can be changed through the "Settings" - "Themes" Android.
To install themes you can use a third-party Internet resources that offer themes with the extension .apk. Find programs that interest you and download them from specialized sites. Please note that they have the extension .apk.
Connect your Galaxy device to the computer in disk drive mode using the USB cable or insert the USB device into the card reader. Move all downloaded files to your device.
Go to "Settings" - "Security" device and tick the item "Unknown sources". Also remove the tick from the "Check application".
Open the file system of your phone using any file Manager such as ES-file Explorer. If this program is installed on the device, perform the installation using Google Play.
Open the downloaded files one by one and confirm the installation. After that, go to "Settings" - "Themes" and select any displayed subject.
Useful advice
Change the phone interface can be used in different launchers. To search Google Play type in the command Launcher and select the most suitable application, and then install it. Among the most popular launcher it should be noted of Go Launcher EX which has many different settings.

Advice 2: How to install call samsung

Any phone from Samsung has a standard set of tunes to call. But not always, this set is able to satisfy the user, and then the question arises about how to put your favorite song on call.
How to install call samsung
Download your desired song on your device to install your ringtones Samsung. This can be done through a network of wireless Internet Wi-Fi with a good signal, or to download a ringtone from the computer. For the second option, you will need the adapter that always comes with the phone. If in box you have not found, consult the seller.
After the audio file is downloaded, go to the folder that serves as a directory for downloads, and click on the desired song. When the song opens, select "Options" and click on the option "Establish the call". The phone will prompt you to choose which type of signal to set a song as sms, contact, any incoming call. Select the appropriate option.
If your phone is Samsung Galaxy, regardless of the variety, you need to download the audio file in a special folder called Notifications. First check: is there this folder on your memory card. If not, create it using installed on the phone file Manager.
Copy the selected song to the Notifications folder and navigate to the settings responsible for setting ringtones call. Now among the standard audio, you will find your song.
The device must support MP3 format, if you want to install the call of original songs. Otherwise you can download from the Internet mono version.
Useful advice
When you connect your phone to PC via cable, you may need to install the necessary drivers. The drive to them must also be in the box with the equipment. If not, then the installation files you can download on the official website of Samsung.

In the case where the telephone card is inserted, the operating system will install the driver and will work with your phone as a removable drive.
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