To craft cake, you must have a large number of resources. Many products for sweet dishes in earlier versions of Minecraft have been hard to get (like eggs). Currently in the game you can breed animals, and therefore to make a cake almost every player without much difficulty.
To craft cake needed to produce the milk, egg, sugar and wheat. Eggs in Minecraft are chickens, which the player can breed on his farm. To get milk you need to milk the cow, which should approach the animal with an empty bucket and press the right mouse button. To obtain wheat seeds it must be planted on plowed land near the light source and water. Sugar can be made from reeds plucked on land near bodies of water.
To craft cake in the game Minecraft, you need a workbench to put three buckets of milk in the top row, in the center of the egg, on the sides the sugar, and the bottom row to fill in with wheat.
To stave off hunger cake you need to put it on any surface, so as to eat it straight from the inventory will not work. Cake can fill six cells increased hunger, and thus there can be parts of the same number of times. However, the sweet dish that has already been tried by the player, to take with you will not succeed. To finish the cake, you must again return to the place in which he was placed.
When you have crafted a cake you can call your friends that play Minecraft to enjoy it together.