For starters, you must learn to master their emotions. If you have been offended or insulted, and you start to blush, make excuses, or worse, cry, it will give the offender confidence. In the surrounding you will give the impression of a weak and defenseless person. So you need to control yourself and relax at a critical moment, keeping calm and confident look. Take a deep breath, imagine a person who insulted you, in a large glass jar, through which you hear nothing, only see how ridiculous he smacks his lips. Using this method you will get rid of unnecessary anxiety.
Learn to sharpen your look. Sometimes to scare off potential the offender may be a courageous and confident direct look. Train at home in front of the mirror for 5-7 minutes at least once a day look into the eyes of her reflection. Never averting her gaze and try not to blink. Let your entire species speaks of superiority and confidence in their abilities.
To repel the offender, you can use sense of humor, to put it simply, to make fun of him in public. This requires a well-delivered speech and the ability to joke. This is not for everyone, some people with slow all the right thoughts come after some time, so it is difficult to respond to the attacks in their direction immediately. If you autosites to this category of people, learn a few phrases that you can respond to insults in your direction in different situations:
"As you can see that you have a lack of male (female) attention, but don't hold out on other people!"
"Seen you very lonely in life, and this is not surprising, if you hate humans so much!"
"I genuinely pity you. With this attitude to people you probably don't have friends."
Sometimes humane ways of dealing with offenders do not apply. Psychologists suggest that if a man-ham is not for you in physical danger, you can put his way - not hesitating strong expressions in his direction.
If some jerk is bothering you constantly, and you don't know where to hide from his abuse, try the extreme method - to threaten him. Surely you or your friends have a friend is a brutal man willing to stand up mentally and physically to protect a good man. Sometimes this method works better than other methods of dealing with offenders. It is better than to endure constant insults.