Well, if you know how to control their emotions. Usually, when a person is rude, he is lost and upset. In the eyes of the treacherous tears, the voice begins to fall apart. Well, if you don't experience all this, knowing that the aggressor says a hurt child because the adults are adequate and quiet people on each other is not disrupted. But if you feel that you have struck a chord, then tell yourself that will not allow him to triumph. Imagine a situation where this man is ridiculous and absurd, as his words you do not have absolutely any effect. The most important thing is try to remain calm, at least outside.
It is sometimes useful to "prepare" responses to the reactions of others, if you are anticipating that it will be negative and upset you may be. Immediately imagine all you can say and think what you can answer that. Try to choose the most common responses, not focusing on the particulars. Calm down and get ready in advance not to get upset whatever you say. For example, if you have several campaigns at the institutions where you have all chances to face the bureaucracy, indifference and rudeness, tune it and get ready not to get upset. Some things do not depend on you, but also the impact they have on you is not as hard as it may seem.
In the case when you are attacked or ridiculed constantly, such as at work or school over you made fun of, and sometimes quite cruel, you think that forcing people to do it. Usually the "victims" expecting reactions: avoidance, fear, confusion, and sometimes even tears. So just ignore the offenders, or do the opposite. "Be glad" unpleasant surprises or smile in response to the offensive joke and answer the man that he is today too looks great. In the absence of the expected reaction from people quickly fall behind.
Unfortunately, it also happens that the psychological pressures people face in the family home. Perhaps your friends and family don't understand what you're going through, lasting you something to convince you, sometimes acting quite aggressive. In this case, first learn to stay calm. You have to control your thoughts and not give in to emotions. If your family members who put pressure on you, calm, talk with them. Tell them straight out that you really don't like the way they talk to you. In a relationship it often happens that people simply do not notice that crossing some important line. Often enough to give it to them in a calm manner to understand it, not attacking in response, as the situation here is getting better.