Use the parent capital for housing. Need to buy with the money a new house, you can reconstruct the old or to engage in individual construction. In addition, deciding on your own housing, you are not required to third party organizations involved in the construction and reconstruction of buildings. You can also use the maternity capital for the down payment and equity and co-operative.Make the maternity capital to repay mortgage debt for housing. You can pay for a certificate interest on the loan, the principal amount of the loan or use it as a down payment. By the way, is the only way to use the parent capitalohms until the child reaches the age of 3 years.Save the parent capital, and in the future will cover their children's education. The great advantage of this method lies in the fact that the amount of capitalis recalculated annually and adjusted for inflation and increases. This will ensure the child a decent education.The government regularly amends the bill of the parent capitale, and you can spend for the services of preschool institutions. This applies not only to kindergartens, but also educational groups, workshops and studios. You should write a letter to the pension Fund to provide the agreement on the maintenance of the child in an educational institution, and within 2 months on account of the company will be transferred the necessary funds.Direct the parent capital on formation of accumulative part of their future pension. It is enough to write a letter to PF or any non-governmental organisation that you have entrusted the management of their pension contributions. By the way, you can change his decision, but it must occur before the deadline, when you will appoint the first payment.As shown, some banks refuse to accept the parent capital as an initial payment in a mortgage. In this case, please contact the Pension Fund with the complaint because such refusal is not consistent with the law.You can spend the parent capital for several purposes, for example, first on the education of children, and later to use the balance of the increase in their future pension.