The first thing you need to know when selecting the right hairstyle is what is your face type. This will depend on the chosen model haircut.
For oval faces suit almost all hairstyles. Very nice to look medium length hair. You can make fine whiskey and long or short shaved on the sides and leave the bangs long. It only needs to carefully experiment with long hair divided by a parting. They can visually extend and narrow the face.
But chubby guys, on the contrary, this hairstyle is just to the face. Still, as an option offered by the stylists haircut, which slightly expands towards the top. It will look perfect Bob. But what should be strictly avoided, as it is too short haircuts.
For guys with a triangular face shape - bans lush bangs and haircuts under zero". The desirable hair of medium length, which must be laid with the help of gel or foam in different directions.
While slightly elongated face should avoid long, straight hairstyles. Better to do a haircut with a length of 4-6 cm, covering the forehead.
Second. It must be remembered that with the help of the hair can be masked in individual small flaws in your appearance. So if you have large protruding ears, it is better to do a haircut that will cover up this defect. Long nose mask long bangs. And if too short, on the contrary, the bangs better not to wear.
Hair you can even visually adjust your height. If you are too high, you should not wear lush hair - it will give you more. But when a large increase is contraindicated for too long flowing hair - they will make you even longer.
Hair structure also influences the choice of hairstyles. Hard curly hair looks great when they are cropped. A straight and smooth look good in haircuts medium length.
In conclusion: whatever hair style you may pick, the main thing is to always keep an eye on her constantly to keep clean, time to turn to the hairdresser. Clean and well-groomed hair will give your image of perfection and always attract attention of the opposite sex.