You will need
  • Mobile phone with a positive balance.
To Fund your account in QIWI with a phone in several ways: using a personal computer or directly. It depends on what suits you at a particular moment.
If you are in front of the computer open in your preferred browser to the website of the payment system QIWI. Enter the phone number under which you registered and the password. Click once on the big orange button "Add". The system will offer you four payment method: "Cash", "credit card", "Online", "Translations". To recharge the account with your mobile phone, select the tab "Online" and click on it with the mouse.
In which appears below the list, select your operator. Notice the gray icon with a question next to each item – click on it in the popup window will contain brief instructions on how to recharge from this source.
After choosing a mobile operator that is bound to your "QIWI wallet", click on it with the mouse. On the opened page, enter the amount of Deposit is not under the operator logo, and in the column of Visa QIWI Wallet, in the line "Sum". The value in the row "Amount taking into account the Commission" will change automatically. Click "Translate".
In the opened page will contain data about the phone number from which there is a payment, the amount received on account of the "QIWI-wallet" and the amount debited from the account of the mobile phone. Click "Confirm". On your mobile phone will receive an SMS message asking for confirmation of transaction money is debited from the account.
If your phone is running the application Visa QIWI Wallet, open it. In the menu that appears select the icon "Recharge", click on it. In the window that appears, select "mobile phone Account". Enter the transfer amount, it is also possible to enter comments on the performed payment. The amount of the fee will be specified below in the line "total to pay". Click "Pay".
The window that POPs up click "Yes". On the correctness of your actions will tell the message that appears: "Your payment was adopted to undertake". On your mobile phone will receive a confirmation message of the payment. Send the number from which it received the message, any text. The payment is posted.