Agree, although with the beauty of rose bushes it's hard to argue, but their form is far from perfect: many roses (especially hybrid tea) is quite lanky; English and Park - too voluminous and bushy; covered with bright flowered floribunda cloud - need to be diluted more neutral, or, conversely, contrasting colors. Therefore, replanting the roses suitable plants only accentuate their beauty and mask imperfections.

Matching range of your rosary, be sure to add vertical emphasis. For example, looks wonderful stand or obelisk with climbing clematis, a few pyramidal conifers of different heights (juniper rocky, canadian spruce Konica, TUI).
Well roses with candles of delphinium, especially blue varietal mullein, digitalis. It is desirable to do immediately replanting of several groups of plants and over the entire area of the flower bed.
And how great the roses look great with ornamental grasses: miscanthus, molinia, sedges! Besides these herbs, covered for the winter with roses overwinter well.

From plants for the front and middle of the plan choose cushion and round shape.
From dekorativnolistvennye it can be: a cuff, geyhery, hosts (especially with the bluish foliage). Very good in the rose garden and pine such a rounded shape: pine mountain (dwarf forms Pug, Mugus, Dwarf), junipers, dwarf forms of spruce (Nidiformis), fir, globular arborvitae (Danica).

Give us a leg up also and irises, they are good not only in the flowering period. Their sword-shaped foliage blends perfectly with roses.

Choosing partners, pay attention to the color of the roses in the rose garden. If is dominated by red, white, pink, with them, great will be combined plants with bluish-silver foliage: Artemisia (Schmidt, Steller, santolina, Stachys Byzantine ("rabbit ears"), lychnis core (with white and red buds).

To roses of yellow and orange shades will put different types and varieties of sages, Veronique. Zamechatelno look pillow of Catnip.
Just a perfect combination with lavender, delphinium, loosestrife, black cohosh. It is also good to knock out the bushes pillows Geiger with purple foliage, viol.

To fill the voids in the rose garden an indispensable one-and perennial gypsophila, alyssum, geranium (not to be confused with pelargonium!).
It's amazing, but the rose garden looks gorgeous in the dill and fennel! Try it! Their delicate blossoms and leaves carved just perfectly fit into the overall ensemble.

Planting partners to roses, do not forget that some of them have other than roses, care requirements. So, feeding the roses with manure and compost, walk past bushes of lavender, Artemisia, Clary sage. They do not like excess nitrogen!
Aggressive plants (Hosta, Stachys, lychnis, miscanthus) plant further away from rose bushes, or time share, not to oppress the owner of the flower garden!

Keep in mind that replanting companions to roses will improve them, since many of the neighbors have strong anti-bacterial, swaysway: wormwood, sage, lavender, all coniferous culture.

Make sure that the Queen of flowers, surrounded by a properly chosen Suite will be even more beautiful!