You will need
  • - schedule aircraft airport in Cherepovets;
  • - the schedule of suburban trains from Vologda.
Cherepovets – a major railway centre. This is because most of the products that produce local enterprises, are taken mostly by rail. Accordingly, a railway line connects the industrial centre with many regions of Russia. If you go from Moscow, the easiest way to get a ticket on the direct train "Moscow-Cherepovets". It departs from Yaroslavsky station, located on metro station "Komsomolskaya". This is the circular line of the Moscow metro.
If you are coming from St. Petersburg, you need to come to Ladozhsky railway station (metro station "Ladoga", yellow line). There you can catch a direct train to Cherepovets, there goes the composition to Vologda. He goes through Cherepovets.
Via Cherepovets are many trains coming to Petersburg from the North and East. This is a train from Arkhangelsk, Petropavlovsk, Shar'i, Kurgan, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl and many other cities. There are trains in international traffic, so direct access to Cherepovets from Karaganda, Astana, Almaty and even major Chinese cities.
If you are coming from the South, you can get a direct train. In the summer, usually there is a train Simferopol-Cherepovets, assign it in other seasons.
In Cherepovets is a major airport where arriving planes, not only the internal lines but also international. From Moscow planes leave from airports "Domodedovo" and "Vnukovo". If you are flying from St. Petersburg, you need to get to the "Pulkovo-1". For air travel you can fly from Murmansk, Ukhta and Veliky Ustyug. With regard to international flights, without a transplant you can fly to Cherepovets from Minsk and Helsinki. From the airport to the city it is best to take a taxi.
As for bus routes, they bind Cherepovets in the main cities of the Vologda region. However, there are long-haul flights. So, to get to this city by bus from Moscow, Yaroslavl and Petrozavodsk. The bus station is in a convenient location, so that you can get from it in any part of the city were not working.
Cherepovets stands on a large river and you can reach it including by water. There are cruises from Moscow and St. Petersburg.