You will need
  • - elastic band for hair;
  • - comb;
  • donut hair;
  • stud;
  • - fixing means.
Carefully comb the hair, to create a beam, like Christmas Trees, they should not be confused. Make a high ponytail, try to keep on the crown and sides formed "cocks".
Take the tail in hand, pull it out. If the individual strands are knocked out, put on the palm a small amount of mousse and apply the tips and stubborn areas. In the other hand take a bagel – a special device for creation of volume in neat bundles. It is a special ring of friable material resembling a sponge. Below the beam looked as natural as possible, choose a bagel in the tone of the hair.
Thread the tail into the ring doughnut, the device should be located as close to the tips of the hair. Try to keep hands outstretched. Fix with one hand the place of contact of the donut and hair, remove the other device, it is quite elastic. You should have a complete entanglement with one side of the ring. Repeat the operation as many times as allows the length of the hair. If the individual strands are knocked out, gently hold their fingers with each new eversion. In the end, a bagel with hair wrapped around it many times, will be located close to the elastic band that secures the tail.
Spread your hair across the surface of a donut, they have to completely cover it. To beam not sticking up above the rubber band and hid it, use the perimeter of the circle studs. That hairstyle was neat, smooth hair with hands, which are pre-apply hair gel.
Sometimes a bunch of Christmas Trees decorated with braid. It is necessary to separate the part of the hair in a ponytail, braid and secure with a rubber band. The remaining hair need to repeat the operation with a bagel. When the bundle is ready, you need to twist it braid and hide the end in the middle.