Wood ash should make the soil skillfully. It is not recommended to be mixed with superphosphate, nitric mineral fertilizers and poultry manure. The efficiency of the ash is increased when it is combined with compost, peat and humus. In this case, ash should make the soil surface and then seal with a rake. Then you can add organic fertilizer and dig the soil. Ash is the most valuable purpose complex. If one square meter to make 70 grams of wood ash, will fully provide for the need of plants in Bor, which is often lacking in sandy soils.
Introduced into the soil, the ash acts is far more effective than any other potash fertiliser. Just one kilogram made of ash will increase the potato crop at 8-10 pounds. In the tubers increases the amount of starch. Effective use of this natural fertilizer for cabbage and cucumbers, which cannot tolerate a large amount of chlorine. The ash prevents any variety of cabbage from the defeat of Clubroot and black leg.
Wood ash is suitable for growing all vegetables. 100 square meters of land required 10 pounds of ash, which is recommended to make a spring or fall by digging (on sandy, peaty or sandy – spring, loamy and clay soils in autumn). But the effect of this fertilizer lasts for three years.
You can use the ash as a top dressing. When transplanting add it to each well for two tablespoons. Under the courgettes, cucumbers and squashes should be one Cup of ash per square meter under digging. Under the peppers, tomatoes and eggplant make three cups of fertilizer per square metre when planting seedlings – a handful of ash in each well. To get rid of the cabbage flea beetle, cabbage fly and the onion fly, mix equal proportions of ash, tobacco dust, obodrite plants at the rate of one glass per meter.