Loneliness as a condition is sometimes not directly dependent on the fact that you live alone. A person can live in a cramped communal apartment and feel deeply lonely. Similarly, loneliness is acutely felt in the crowd of strangers in a strange or unusual situation. This is an internal unpleasant condition need to displace, replacing it with more positive feelings. Happy people do not experience loneliness, but happiness is also a state of mind.
No matter how you've lived so far, but if at the moment you are alone, try to reap the advantages. Independent life is not a tragedy, and pleasure. Most importantly, learn to be interesting myself. There are many activities which can brighten up loneliness: you can read, listen to music at full volume, to lie in the tub, call to visit friends, to arrange a hen - in short, to do whatever he wants.
Do not think that living alone is bad. Condemn single women only married ladies, for whom you are a potential competitor, a possible seducer of their husbands. Women living alone, quite happy.
The main disadvantage of a single life - a lack of concern for you. For example, during his illness no one to make tea with lemon and drugs in the pharmacy will have to go myself. But do not forget that fresh air, a healthy lifestyle and exercise increase the body's resistance to disease.
A lonely life is freedom in the welfare regime. The first time full independence brings its own difficulties: you have to take on both male and female chores. But the habit to everything. Loneliness not only brings full freedom of action, but also a great opportunity for self-realization. You can give your whole self to your career.
The main rule of a happy life in solitude is to love yourself much as you want to love someone. Indulge yourself and don't forget to communicate regularly with friends, then the loneliness is not terrible.