Analyze your behavior: what was the reason that people shun you and you alone. The world can not be undone, you can only change yourself and your attitude – remember that.
Think maybe you have too high self-esteem, and you can't hide your condescending attitude to the people around you, and nobody will like it, and the result often leads to loneliness. Your dignity is well known to you, but others can not always see them for aggressive behavior and cold demeanor.
Or maybe, conversely, you too have a low opinion about yourself. I'm afraid that on close acquaintance people will see your weaknesses and will hurt you ridicule. Believe me, it is not, the ability to admit his imperfection is always respected. Start working on fixing what you don't like about yourself, and stop complexes – there are shortcomings in all. This will be the first step to getting rid of loneliness.
Look at yourself: perhaps you are too gloomy and pessimistic-minded man, from talking with whom in five minutes begins to reduce the teeth. No one wants to communicate, feeling of mental discomfort. And how to get rid of loneliness, if we continue in the same spirit? Tune in a positive way and try to pass it on to those with whom you communicate – you will be surprised how many people will be attracted to you.
If you have no Hobbies and you are bored even to himself, few people will take interest in you. To get rid of loneliness, find it a fascinating exercise. Together with the hobby you will gain like-minded friends.
Remember the proverb "a rolling stone gathers no moss," and begin to act. Sitting alone at home, you would find neither friends nor loved one. Now if something does not work, be patient and our advice, to change myself, and gradually the situation, thanks to your efforts to change.