To learn to live as one, need to start to start getting courted by other men. By the way, they will start to flow and swirl around you in packs. It is necessary to raise self-esteem. Even if you broke up without any insults, then surely he goodbye and said the usual "while" instead of "I will love you all my life," and this fact is where in the brain is blocked by a barbed thorn. Need this thorn to pull out. And this time to say "bye" first. This is very unfair, but very effective.
To learn to live as one you can go to work. Personal life takes you probably have a lot of time, and now it is not busy. And so we find an alternative path, and model personal life at work. It is necessary to fill the time. Otherwise it simply zagubica series, all sorts of buns and plaintive love songs.
To learn to live alone, do not need to suffer waiting for the Prince or upload your day with meaningless Affairs until complete exhaustion. Living alone does not mean you have all the time to pamper yourself with some buns and feel sorry for yourself, that is strength.
To live means to just live and enjoy. Smile the sun in the morning, drink your coffee, dance, when you want it, and when I want – cry, sitting on a stool. Call your friends and go to sleep with a Teddy bear. Draw someone else's portrait or embroider it with a cross, compose a song or assemble a puzzle. And finally, you can write about your novel.