You will need
  • the subtitle file;
  • the VobSub filter;
  • program-media player
Unlike the built-in subtitles, and plug-in constitutes a separate file. Subtitle format srt - the most common and has the extension .srt. These subtitles were reproduced together with the video stream, it is necessary to observe several conditions. The video file and the subtitle file must be in the same folder and have same name (but different extension). If this rule is not complied with, rename the files. For example, if the video file is called Nature.avi, give the caption file a name
So that the subtitles load automatically on your computer should be the DirectVobSub filter. If you install the generic software package and codecs K-Lite Codec Pack, filter, VobSub will load by default. The package of codecs K-Lite includes the popular player Media Player Classic supports most formats of video and audio files.
Turn on a movie using Media Player Classic. If the video file and the subtitle file have the same name and are in the same folder, the subtitles will probably start to appear automatically.
If not, go to the File tab (File) and click Load Subtitles to Load the subtitles). Make sure the subtitle display provided in the filter tab (Play") - Filters ("Filters") - DirectVobSub - Show Subtitles (Play subtitles).If necessary, go to the tab DirectVobSub - Properties (Properties) to specify font, color, and text height. If the video stream and the subtitles are not synchronized, adjust the playback delay of the subtitles.
In addition to Media Player Classic, use other popular media players with support for subtitles: Light Alloy, BS Player, VLC Media Player, KMPlayer. The filter VobSub also needs to be installed.