Receding hairline at women arise due to hormonal imbalance, extreme stress, significant vitamin deficiency, sexual dysfunction and, in the case of the removal of the ovaries. If you are faced with this problem, first go to the reception to the endocrinologist, identify the causes of bald patches and start treatment. When no treatment helps, you will only have one thing to hide a receding hairline at the forehead with the help of well selected hairstyles or find ways to disguise them carefully.
Go to a beauty salon to an experienced hairdresser who knows firsthand how to hide a receding hairline. Consult with him, picking up a new stylish haircut that allows you to disguise a disturbing lack of appearance. Do not give up your fashionable hairstyles with a fringe, even if you used to slick your hair back and bangs never before been worn. Only from short haircuts better give up – they just emphasize a receding hairline, especially if you have a rare from the nature of the hair. When choosing a hairstyle always consider face shape and neck length, it is desirable to leave the hair long, then you could build them unbeatable hair, hide all the flaws.
If you have decided to radically change the appearance and get rid of the bald patches for a long time, use the procedure of hair extension from the professional craftsman. Ask the master to increase the bundles of natural hair, as close in color to your tresses. This procedure will make the boring receding hairline invisible to others, which only surprised the new hairstyle. Owners dark natural hair or dyed brunettes can be recommended to disguise a receding hairline. To do this, simply color the scalp in places bald patches of paint chosen to match the hair color or use the same pigment composition as in the hair.
If one technique of masking the receding hairline at the forehead – right daily hair styling with the use of special tools, or nail gel. Wash your hair every morning, and then with a hair dryer to create the desired effect, putting the bangs in the area of the receding hairline so that it became invisible. If you are the owner of long hair – create during installation with a structural foam curls, framing their face, then bald patches and will all be gone and hair will be flawless.