Advice 1: How to prevent hair loss in men

Hair is one of the main decorations given to people by nature. Thick, luxurious hair – the pride of their owner and admiration (and sometimes envy) of others. So it's easy to understand the anxiety and moral discomfort, if your hair suddenly start falling out faster than normal. Normally, a person should fall on the day from 40 to 100 hairs. Baldness is much more prone to menthan women. Although the "strong gender" refers to this much calmer "weak", but also experiences. So how can you prevent male pattern baldness?
How to prevent hair loss in men
First of all, you need to try to establish the exact cause of hair loss. Mostly it is hormonal. Accelerated hair loss men "owe" the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which has the ability to accumulate in the upper layer of the skin covering the head. Since the body of men this hormone is present in much greater numbers than women, and accumulates faster, respectively, and male baldness happens more often.
Your doctor may recommend such treatment: reception of the female hormone estrogen, which causes enhanced growth of hair. In most cases, it gives good results. However, hormone therapy can lead to side effects: you receive a higher "female" voice, changing the shape with fat deposition on the female" type. Therefore, such therapies should be used with caution.
The reason may lie in an unfavorable environment, as well as in the action of certain medications that weaken hair follicles. Therefore, you should minimize the intake of THESE medicines to a minimum, using them only in really necessary cases, and not "just in case", which, unfortunately, common.
Excitement, stress also contribute greatly to the hair loss. You should try to avoid them. Do not get involved unless absolutely necessary in a conflict situation, try to be calmer and friendlier.
The cause of accelerated hair loss can also lurk in such ordinary things as water. Because in different places it is different in quality: too hard, somewhere contains harmful ingredients. Known cases when shampooing filtered and boiled water gave very good results.
Sometimes very well help these "folk" remedies like massaging the scalp burdock, sea buckthorn oil, onion juice. It is also necessary to systematically eat the berries of sea buckthorn.
In any case it is better to consult a doctor. It is not excluded that the cause of the rapid hair loss is a serious disease!

Advice 2 : Bald men: how to restore hair

Alopecia is a hair loss in large quantity. Such a violation is more common in the strong half of mankind. For hair restoration men experiencing a variety of techniques and tools.
Bald men: how to restore hair

The causes of baldness

Usually men start to go bald from the top and front of the skull. Many women bald man seems more sexy and attractive. But most of the stronger sex if you notice such problems concerned with hair loss. This often leads to the appearance of complexes.

Causes of alopecia or abnormal hair loss are:
- taking certain medications;
frequent stressful situation;
- unbalanced diet;
- a hereditary factor;
- some diseases of the body.

Effective means of hair restoration

To prevent further hair loss and hair restoration are used 4 methods:
- operating method;
- antiandrogen therapy;
- physiotherapy;
- local stimulation of hair growth.

Operative intervention usually is used when the extensive hair loss. Depending on the area affected, and individual characteristics of the organism are different ways of recovery. For example, with a little hair loss, it is recommended to carry out the procedure of stretching the skin with normal hair growth. Also used transplantation of hair follicles from one part of the head to another, whereby it is possible to completely restore hair.

Antiandrogen therapy is an influence of special preparations on the area of baldness. It should be noted that this technique is not recommended for young men because it can cause a number of side effects. For example, there may be problems with erection and weight. There are softer drugs, but they are used in combination with other methods of hair restoration.
Local application of alfalfa, evening primrose, clover, avocado oil or jojoba resume the growth of hair without side effects.

Physical therapy is designed to improve blood circulation in the cells of the scalp. For this reason, aktiviziruyutsya nutrition of hair follicles, leading to rapid growth. A common device for the home the procedure is a laser comb, regular use of which leads to growth stimulation.
To achieve the effect of a laser comb is recommended to do 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes.

Stimulants for local action, designed to preserve the existing hair and the growth follicles. Typically, this method is effective in the early stages of alopecia, when the hair follicles are still alive. If the bald spot appeared for a long time, do not expect positive dynamics, because stimulants do not work on dead follicles.

As domestic promoters can be used means on the basis of honey, mustard, and red pepper. They improve the nutrition of the skin and stimulate blood circulation, due to which you can easily get back the lost hair.
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