Features water-resistant laminate

Conventional laminated coating is sensitive to moisture, it swells and deforms when struck by the water. For the manufacture of water-resistant laminate used hardboard HDF which is impregnated with hot pitch and wax, covering them as durable shell and prevents the penetration of water inside. Wax handle and locks between the plates, making them water resistant. In addition, HDF plate and additionally impregnated with antibacterial compounds to protect them from penetration and the destructive action of mildew, mould and bacteria. In the context of water-resistant laminated panel is green, which just appeared as a result of antibiotic treatment.
Waterproof laminate flooring is different from moisture-proof high price and plastic, used instead of plates HDF. The tightness of its joints allow the rubber seals.

How to choose water-resistant laminate

Water-resistant laminate, which was originally intended for use in rooms with high load level, has a high strength class, from 31 to 33. If you plan to put it in the bathroom or the kitchen, choose flooring that is marked 33, in this case, you can expect it to last you long enough. For failing outbuildings, we can restrict the class strength 31, for living rooms and hallways should choose strength grade 32.

Has a value and the thickness of the laminated panels. On the floor in living rooms you can put the laminate up to a thickness of 7 mm, and here on kitchen or in the bathroom 10 or 12 mm. the Locks on these panels have the additional impregnation, making the seams airtight. Many Supplement manufacturers of high performance water-resistant laminate of different technological features that facilitate the installation and laying or enhancing water repellency, it is possible to ask the seller.
Strict compliance with the instructions and installation technology of water-resistant laminate will extend its service life.

Ask them to present a certificate of conformity to international quality standards, confirming the manufacturer's, fire and environmental safety of this floor covering. The documents you laminate should also include data on the number of released formaldehyde values are safe to 1.12 mg / cubic meter. The resistance parameters for finishing materials used in living spaces: DR2 B2.