Ancient dowsing in our time has a more resounding name – dowsing. Instead of the cut branches of the vine used two l-shaped wire frame. Search water using a framework has a very high sensitivity and allows an accuracy of half a meter to locate underground sources. You can use the vine, but the scope more convenient and practical.

Manufacturer of dowsing rods

It is very important to make a good frame. They have to take an iron or steel wire with a diameter of 3-4 mm. thinner wire is better not to use, as the frame will be too light and they will be uncomfortable to work in the wind. For this reason, should not be used for the aluminum wire.

The dimensions of the framework may be different, a lot depends on the preference of the operator. A good option is a frame whose horizontal part has a length of about 35 cm, and the handle is approximately 10-15 cm on the handle Sometimes wear a plastic tube for maximum ease of rotation, sometimes even set them on the bearings. But the real need for this to work with conventional frames without tubes, bearings and other improvements into practice is even more convenient.

The search for water by the method of biolocation

It should be remembered that water is not looking for frame or rod, and the operator, his aura. Frame only make the perceived information is visible, readable.

To search through the vines cut her piece in the form of the letter V. the Vine is taken over long ends and held in front of him, the sharp end pointing forward. You need to go slow with the vine through the test section, concentrating on the search for water. When you cross the border aquifer, the vine will swing down.

When searching for water with dowsing rods need to hold ourselves at a distance of about 20 cm from each other. When crossing aquifer framework converge.

This method can very accurately delineate the location of underground water. It is important to understand what you are looking for good drinking water, not perched. What to look for and respond framework.

Dowsing rods allow you to determine the depth of the aquifer. For this, standing over the selected place, mentally count meters in depth, from 1 and further. When you reach the desired depth, the framework will converge. This method can determine the thickness of the aquifer and the level with the greatest amount of water. It will very accurately determine the depth of the well or wells.

Search for water using a dowsing very accurate and gives almost 100% results. To learn how to work with the framework. To begin practice in locating underground utilities such as pipes, water pipes, heating etc. Very well found electrical cables. To study approximately it is advisable to know where the underground is the tube. Learning to pinpoint her position, you can move to search for water.