Memories of childhood are sitting deep within the subconscious. Will help to get them out of the objects that surrounded you once. You can forget what was the name of the kindergarten teacher. But always remember the bear, which slept under the school. Try to find as many things - toys, clothes that you had in childhood.
When you have collected a sufficient collection of children's clothes, work with the subconscious. You need complete peace of mind. Close the room, pull the curtains, dim the light. No sounds should not distract you from the process. So turn off the TV, phone, intercom, ask the household to be quiet. And it is better to spend a session when no one was home. Then you can fully immerse yourself in your own memories.
Sit on the sofa or in a chair, put it on the table next to a bag with clothes and toys. There lay a pen and a notebook - they will be needed to record your feelings.
Relax and close your eyes. Feel that arms and legs heavy, warm. Direct the glance inward. "Rewind" life back. Here you get a job, finish College, school, here the first of September, your first day in the adult world. From this moment on, write down all of the senses. What do you remember? As a high school student was carrying the girl on his shoulder? As you met with your first teacher? Just like the rating? Record in a notebook everything, even the smallest detail.
If you have any items reminiscent of first days at school - get them consider. They will make your memories "volume", more accurate.
After you remember the first of September, try to remember the prom in kindergarten, the birth of younger siblings, trips to the sea, in the village. This vivid memories that will forever remain in the subconscious. They are like anchors, clinging to which you will be able to revive in memory the events of his own childhood.