Advice 1: How to name a chinchilla

Nice and cute animal chinchilla may well be the same pet as usual for us cats or birds. When you select a name for chinchilla is no clear and certain rules - it all depends on fantasies, desires, and sense of humor of the owner.
How to name a chinchilla
Note the coloring of the coat of your animal - if it is white, it is possible that your pet will be called Snow or White, Snowman or snowflake. Black chinchilla can be called, for example, Coal, night, or Blackie, and animal with a gray coat color is mist or Fog. Considering that chinchilla - animal velvet and soft fur, you can give him the nickname Fluffy or Fluff.
Look at the behavior you have purchased pet and try using their names to emphasize the traits of his animal nature. So, the animal who loves to sleep a lot, you can give quite a proper name is Sonia or Goof, and the animal active and mobile suit names agile, playful, Martonchik, Ruff, fidget, weasel. Your pet is a finicky eater? Then his nickname could be vredinka, are Picky or Fussy, but for the chinchilla who loves to eat, will come the names of the Food or Puhle, Fat or chubby.
Remember the famous and favorite cartoon characters - perhaps your pet reminds you of someone? Here and name it in honor of your favorite hero! Chinchilla - and so is not very usual for home breeding animal, a pet with the name Cheburashka, Shrek, Shapoklyak, Pikachu, Snow, Pumbaa, Boniface, Leopold, Ratatouille, the dark knight or Winnie the Pooh will definitely have you in one piece!
Go to the choosing a name for your chinchilla with humor - for example, a large animal can be called a Baby, a Button or a Bead, an animal with long legs - Korotkonozhka or Grace animal with a fighting spirit - a Coward or a Weakling, a quiet and clumsy pet - Badass, Brave Joe or Bully. Wake the imagination and don't call pet is standard - your chinchilla may be named Bagel, Fawn, Donut, Carrot, Mustache, Steak, Eeyore, chocolate or Ottoman.
Useful advice
A chinchilla can start in the home where there are children - this animal lends itself well to education, he doesn't scratch or bite. The fur of this animal does not cause allergies - this animal are not just seasonal shedding. Chinchilla does not smell, because they do not have sebaceous and sweat glands.

Advice 2: How to call a gray cat

Grey your cat is the perfect accompaniment to any piece of furniture on which she desires to settle. Shades of grey there is a huge number, and some consider it more mysterious than black. Pick your pet's original name, which will reflect her personality and unusual shade of wool.
How to call a gray cat
Gray is not only a dull autumn sky, not only the dust of the road, not the mouse in the end! Look at how sparkling the hair of your pet in the sun, as mysterious Shine of her emerald green or amber eyes in the darkness, where the very cat was not seen.
These beautiful names give various shades of grey: bisen – silver-gray, verdigri and selagoncy – greenish-grey, pearl – pearl gray aluminiowy – gray, gloomy, busy – dark bluish gray, frightened mouse – pale gray, pink ash grey with the pink, London smoke – dark-grey Havana – grey brown, Marengo gray and black.
What color is the fur of your cat? Beat the names of the colors to come up with a name: bead, Basia, Perlite, Dove, Columbine, Havana, Mary. Remember all the gray stuff and get the name of the pet: Cloud, Haze, silver, Moire, a Speck of dust.
Coat of your pet soft and silky? Then she called: velvet ribbon, Puff, Fluff, Lint. The color of the eyes are especially expressive, stands out on the grey background wool, check this feature in the name of the cat: Yantarik, Violet, blue, Turquoise.
Griseta the French called lightweight silk fabric in gray color are usually inexpensive. Hence the word without curtain, so we began to call the girls who wore clothes made of this fabric. Why would your cat not to become without curtain?
You can choose a name to use not only colour but also other features of appearance and character of the animal. Then your cat will be: Fun, Flirty, Toy, Food, Laskoski, Fat, Baby, Stamen, Mystery, Love, Beauty.
The nickname of the gray cats can become resonant and your favorite names are: Malvina, Wicked, barbarian, vel'mira, Aglaya, Laura, Valetta and many others.

Advice 3: What does the name Sonya

In fact, the name Sonya is a short form of the name Sophia. The second option is the full form of the name Sophia. The translation from Slavonic into Russian language sounds like "wise", "wisdom", "intelligence", "science". It is curious that at the present time the name Sonia gets its independence.
The name Sonia translated as "wise", "wisdom", "intelligence", "science".

The meaning of the name Sonia in childhood

There is a humorous version that the name Sonia reflects the traits of its owner, associated with an incredible desire to sleep. It is no accident that dormice called late risers, and lazy people. Of course, this is just a joke. The owners of this name is neither lazy nor sleepy. Sony is a wise and prudent woman. At least so runs the translation of their name from the Slavic language.

Since early childhood Sony exhibit will power and determination. They listen to the advice and warnings from parents, however, come at the call of his heart. Sony don't particularly trust unfamiliar people, but at any moment can come to the rescue to the suffering of others. In the childhood of Sonia are compassionate girls and unable to shelter in the house as a street cat and a dog. These girls are growing delicate and refined natures.

The meaning of the name Sonia in adult life

From the little Sony grows quite a confident girl that knows what wants from his life. Many holders of this name with age justifies its value by becoming smart women with a strong character. In his professional life, Sophia can make a good career. Usually Sony achieve their goals, choosing the most straightforward path to your dream. Many of them are quite sociable, so can easily fit in a particular work team.

Sophia always gives a report of his words. Before you say anything, it will weigh every word. These women are not lovers of idle talk. Moreover, they despise the various windbags and gossip. Another remarkable feature of this name is the ability to listen and rasshivat disputes and conflicts between people. Some say that Sophia is born to be the arbiters. In everyday life, Sonia reveals itself as a good hostess. She carefully monitors the state of your home, but also pays great attention to his family.

It should be noted that the role of the wife Sonia manage to work. The fact that your husband sees it not as an object of adoration and worship, but as a regular addition to the family and to his image. The winner of the name believe that the head of the family is a woman. Fortunately, feminist beliefs can be traced in the character of not every Sony.

The variants of pronunciation of the name Sonia

Full form Sony – Sofia or Sofia. His European variant of pronunciation – Sophie. Diminutive forms are Sof'yushka, Sophie, Sonia.
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