Love your body. Sleep naked, consider it in the mirrors, look for the winning to you poses. To find disadvantages every. You're looking for dignity. Buy sexy lingerie, take care of body hair removal, massages, manicures and pedicures should be done not from case to case, but always. Trial, choose a lighting that will make you even hotter. It is best in this respect are working nightlights or candles.
Find out your body. You definitely need to understand what will give you pleasure. For this you will have to experiment alone in the bathroom or bed. Try to go to the sex shop and buy any toy. Knowing your body, you'll be more likely to have fun and forget about shyness.
Learn to relax. This can help you with meditation and aromatic bath, a glass of wine (only one!). Before sex don't let yourself think about abstract topics, tune in to the fun. Try to use the method of Oriental monarchs wives. Knowing that in the evening in the chambers, comes the husband, the woman the whole day preparing for the visit: caring for themselves, rubs his body with aromatic oil, mentally adjusted for sex. As a result, in the evening the woman completely ready to get and give pleasure.
Listen to the advice of makeup artists to look always attractive and not shy in bed. First, let your skin is always tanned – body in this case, it always looks slimmer and more attractive. Apply bronzer, and the next day add another layer where you need to reduce the amount of, for example, on the sides. Second, use creams with shining effect – they make the skin smoother, fresher and more attractive. Third, the use of perfume. Men are attracted to scents with hints of strawberry, chocolate or cinnamon. Not only Cushites too much in bed it will irritate.
And finally, remember, the most sexy women of all ages rarely was beautiful, they conquer men by familiarity, intelligence, charm and never hesitated to show themselves.