Advice 1: How to plant chicory

Chicory is a common plant that can be found in the wild along the roads and in the fields. This plant has a rather pungent taste and peculiar smell the coffee. I'm sure many have tried a coffee drink from chicory, but not everyone knows that it can be easily grown in your garden plot.
How to plant chicory
Chicory root propagated by using seeds that need to sow in early spring or fall, immediately after harvest. It is not necessary to make organic fertilizer for planting chicory, visivite it better in such places where there were well-fertilised crops (pumpkin, potatoes, cabbage or beans). Best chicory grows in Sunny areas with loamy soil.
Chicory seeds should be planted in rows at a depth of 1.5-2 cm, distance between rows should be about 20 centimeters. If you keep sowing distance between seeds, it should be 3-5 inches with a subsequent thinning to 10-15 centimeters. Abundantly moisten the crops in the spring before the first shoots. After one to two weeks will begin to germinate the seeds. After 3-4 strong leaves, start thinning at a distance of 5-6 inches.
One of the main and primary care in the cultivation of chicory – weeding, which should be combined with loosening the soil between rows. This should be done as needed. Chicory is considered a highly drought resistant plant, therefore, does not require permanent irrigation. Practice this only in the case if a long time not been precipitation in the form of rain. By the end of the first year begin to form roots of chicory, which can weigh 300-500 grams.
By the end of October, carefully dig up the chicory and leave it for 5-6 days in the garden. Then trim the tops to 3 inches above the roots and scraping with his land, put in a dark and cool place, the temperature which must not be lower than 1-2 degrees (basement or cellar).
In early November, take the roots with a length of 12 inches and 2-3 inches in diameter. Dropped them off in boxes or pots filled with peat, humus and sawdust mixed in equal proportions. The neck of the rhizome should remain on the surface. Cover the boxes of dense matter and put in a dark place, while the temperature is 10-16 degrees.

Advice 2: How to grow chicory

Chicory is a wonderful plant. Its young shoots can be used for stewing, from the roots, make one of the best coffee substitutes, and when winter forcing get a small dense head. Salad chicory is extensively used in European cuisine.
Blooming chicory is a good honey plant
You will need
  • Land, seeds, shovel, water, watering can, fertilizer, dark pantry or cellar.
Proizvestkovat land if its acidity is more neutral. Neutral or alkaline soil liming is not needed. Make the autumn of 5-8 kg of fresh manure per square meter ridge. When autumn simultaneous liming of manure is undesirable, in this case, it is advisable to abandon it in favor of the spring mixing the soil with compost. Be sure to add the double superphosphate. All root plants are responsive to phosphate fertilizers.
Make a good drainage layer, if you're going to grow chicory on heavy clay soils. Water stagnation is detrimental to his roots. Not like the plant and drought. With insufficient watering the roots of bent, growing small and fibrous. Draw furrows at a distance of 20 cm from each other. Wisata seeds. Quite a little sprinkle them with earth and pour water at room temperature, using a funnel divider. If irrigation water is too cold, it can reduce the soil temperature, seeds will germinate more slowly.
Propolice seedlings at the stage of cotyledons. Chicory is growing very quickly, it can drown out such weeds as chickweed, goutweed, Thistle. Weeding, don't be lazy to pull out weeds by the roots, afterwards it will save you from having frequent weeding. When the chicory will grow to 4-5 cm, it will thin out, leaving the groove of the plants at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. Dense planting will not allow the rhizomes to grow a decent consumer qualities.
Harvest before the onset of sustained autumn frosts. Chop off the leaves and roots, washed and chopped, dry on a baking sheet in the oven. When cool, grind them in a coffee grinder – a refreshing drink with a pleasant taste for Breakfast or lunch guaranteed.
Use the roots of chicory and lettuce for forcing kochanchikov. For this purpose the roots with a little "stumps" that make up the growth point, shake from the earth, a little dry in shade, fold into boxes with sand and put in a cool place, for example, the cellar. A few months prepare the boxes with soil (enough layer of 30-40 cm). Pour. Plant in them the roots of chicory "bridge way", firmly placing next to each other. Place the boxes in a dark place – a cellar or pantry, if we are talking about a city apartment. In two weeks roots will give dense white heads with a size of about 1o-15 cm they make a great salad.
When growing chicory, special attention should be paid to the depth of the plow layer. The roots were large enough, the earth must contain a rich supply of organic fertilizers. But fresh manure to this plant is contraindicated.
Useful advice
Observe crop rotation: do not return the chicory to the same bed, at least 4-5 years.

Advice 3: How to grow chicory salad

Chicory salad - very tasty and useful vegetable. Using it, you can improve blood circulation, normalize the gastrointestinal tract, and the digestive process.
chicory salad

For cultivation of this culture requires that the soil contained a large amount of humus. It should be loose, as the roots of the plants long enough. Fresh manure chicory does not like, so in the year of planting it does not make. Seeds are sown not earlier than the first of June. Planted earlier, the plants can bloom, and the crop will be. Chicory are sown every 2-3 cm, later, when sprouts appear, they are thinned, leaving the distance between plants about 10 cm.

Care for the chicory salad

Frequent watering chicory does not need. Water it only during dry periods. Loosen the soil, not allowing to form a solid crust on the surface.


Harvest begins in mid-October. Because the roots of this crop grow quite long, it is recommended to not remove the shovel, and garden fork. Damaged roots will not be stored, so it is better just to cull. Not suitable for storing and rotten, but also small or too thick roots. Before placing vegetables on the storage, the leaves should be removed from them, leaving 2-3 cm from the root.

Forcing chicory

To get to December, fresh heads of chicory, forcing should begin in October. To do this, first the roots need to be exposed to low temperature. Leave them in the boxes on the ridges, covering the top of cut sheets. Later, the roots put one to one in a bucket or a box on the bottom of which is a stacked film. The gaps between the roots covered with earth or sand. Good throw and stand in a warm room, where the support temperature of about 15-18 degrees. Chicory salad during distillation needs to be in the dark so its leaves are not green and do not become bitter. Distillation lasts approximately one month, and during that time the roots are watered 1-2 times.

Advice 4: How to prepare chicory

Chicory is an adaptable perennial plant, growing on forest edges and meadows, on vacant lots and along roads and ditches. Time of flowering chicory – summer. At this time it appears wonderful blue, dark blue and pale pink flowers. Seeing along the road of growing chicory, not everyone will guess that this undemanding plant is very popular coffee substitute. Departments diabetic food supermarkets represented a fairly large range of chicory for drinks. How to brew chicory?
How to prepare chicory
You will need
  • - the roots of chicory;
  • water;
  • - coffee grinder or blender.
Currently sold in stores different chicory: chopped (prior to brewing, it is necessary to grind in a regular coffee grinder), ground coffee, soluble — in the form of a thick paste or powder. Brew chicory in this form are simply recommendations usually indicated on the package. But it is possible to prepare a beverage from the roots of chicory. To cook the roots, rinse, then wipe dry.
Fry the roots in a pan on very low heat until until you evaporate all the moisture. During roasting they are specific, but very pleasant smell. The culprit of this fragrance — a bouquet of aromatic substances, called titorial formed during frying the roots.
Roasted roots grind in a coffee grinder or blender. Fill with boiling water (1 teaspoon of chicory in a glass of water) and simmer for about five minutes. Then remove from heat and let steep for 5-7 minutes.
Chicory drink is ready! You can drink it as coffee with cream, milk, sugar and, if desired, even with lemon.
Useful advice
In the roots of chicory contains a storehouse of nutrients: pectin, choline, glycosides (lactucin, inhibin, chicory), 40 percent of starchy substances inulin, sugar, protein and tannin, ascorbic acid, vitamin K, b vitamins, and organic acids.

A decoction of wild chicory unlike coffee, acts on the Central nervous system calming. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent properties. It is proved that increasing the amplitude and slowing the heart rate, chicory improves heart. People who drink chicory, in most cases, easy digestion and good appetite.

In modern domestic medicine on the basis of chicory made a number of anti-inflammatory, cholagogic and wound healing drugs. Not so long ago it was found that the extract of chicory roots reduces the level of blood sugar. This means that the drink from chicory can be successfully applied in the complex treatment of diabetes.

Advice 5: Is it worth it to replace coffee at chicory

Many people think that coffee is replaced with chicory, since in this way the body will get more benefit than harm. But this product of plant origin has its drawbacks, if consumed in immense quantities.
Is it worth it to replace coffee at chicory

As with any herbs – chicory you can collect and dry. You can also buy the finished product at the pharmacy. The most useful properties of the root and that it mimics the taste of coffee (the caffeine it contains). Therefore, for hypertensive patients, the drink is safe. The composition of the plant includes inulin that can be consumed by diabetics.

Variety of vitamins (especially b and minerals), chicory confer useful properties that contribute to:

-strengthen the immune system – cichorieae acid improves the immune system and is used as prophylaxis against viral respiratory infections;

-reconstruction of the digestive process after a struggle with obesity;

- strengthen the heart and nervous systems – chicory contains magnesium, potassium and reduces cholesterol in the blood;

- purification of the organism from the purulent wounds;

- has a calming effect;

- the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases;

- reduces the chance of diseases of the genitourinary system.

The use of chicory pregnant women will not bring any danger. The opposite can fight anemia because it contains iron.

In addition, chicory contains folic acid (using only one Cup, the body will receive half of the daily value).

Contraindications drink:

- not recommended to use soluble chicory with varicose veins, increased cough, gastritis, asthma;

because chicory contains ascorbic acid, it can cause allergic to vitamin C;

- individual intolerance.

You should pay attention to the expiration date and composition. Quality product in the composition should be present the crushed root of the plant. Most importantly, do not dissolve the product in boiling water (water should be just hot). In a Cup of water for 2 tsp. of chicory. You can add milk or honey with sugar, jam or cocoa from this quality and properties will not change. To the body is enriched with nutrients a day is enough to drink up to 4 cups. In addition, chicory can be included in the diet and children.

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