Soybeans are produced for food and feed purposes. It is very important to choose the right variety of plants, depending on the production orientation. You need to consider the productivity of natural and agro-climatic conditions, the composition of the grain and physical and biological properties. The optimum temperature for flowering and formation of beans soybeans should be 21-22 degrees. At a lower temperature and biological processes start to slow down, stop the development and growth of soybeans.
To grow this food culture at its garden is not particularly difficult. The root system of this plant is quite well-branched, this suggests that the drought-resistant soybean. However, you should know that a bountiful harvest will only be the case if you will often enough to moisten the soil.
Soya gives a good crop on fertile loam and sandy loam soils, chernozems and most importantly, on a Sunny plot. Before sowing of soybean seeds, the ground needs to dry out and warm up. In soil it is necessary to make fertilizer and to loosen a few times.
Soybean seeds visivite made in the grooves, the depth of which shall be not less than five centimeters. The distance between rows should be a little more than fifty centimeters, and in the row between the plants to ten inches. Before sowing pour carefully the grooves with water, it will create the necessary supply of moisture for germination of soybean seeds. Dip the seeds in the melted paraffin is necessary that the seeds are not destroyed the mouse.
It is especially important in the early stages of growth of soybeans to care for the plant, in time to fight the weeds. Multiroute the soil with straw or peat to retain moisture and heat. In dry weather, water plants at least twice a week.