You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Save the font you want in a file on your computer. To download them you can freely access the Internet, for example, from the site or Downloaded mandatory check for viruses.
Copy the downloaded fonts using the menu of the right mouse button. Open control panel and go to fonts. Paste the copied data and, just in case, then restart the computer.
Open a text editor, such as Microsoft Office Word, WordPad or regular Notepad. Look for the new fonts if they appear, then you did the right thing. Please note that some of them apply only to text typed with English keyboard layout.
To add the font in the image, open the image in a graphical editor, for example. Adobe Photoshop or any other that you usually use. On the toolbar, click the icon enter text in the edit area of the image select the location on their own and select the font you want.
Configure the parameters slope, size, underline, and other attributes. Change the color of your choice. Keep in mind that not all fonts areavailable for Office and other text editors will work fine in your application and images.
If you have any difficulties with the use of a particular font, copy it from the editor. Search its analogues using the Internet, download the same or similar with another resource. Please note that some of them are developed not quite literate users, so the stable operation when using them to ensure no one else can.