Sometimes the reason for friendly relations gradually weakened and disintegrated, becomes a normal long distance when someone goes to live very far away. If each of my friends started a new exciting life, new acquaintances and meetings, then gradually they begin to move away from each other and no mobile phone reception, no e-mail or other means of communication already can not save the friendship – the desire to communicate simply disappears.
Not so painless the reason for the termination of friendly relations becomes a new life, Hobbies and new friends with whom does not want to share your friend. He's just no longer enough time to communicate with you. No matter how hurt you in this case it is better not to insist, and to continue my life without him. People change over time, and the old friend didn't seem "the same blood". Through time your hurt will pass and you will be happy to communicate, meet him somewhere by chance.
The reason for the rupture of friendly relations may become the betrayal of your friend. After all, the person who you trust and who knows your weak points, you can do the most painful, unexpected and cowardly punch. Usually, after this, never more you will not trust this man, even if he repents and you forgive him sincerely. After the betrayal to happen again, you need to tear sharply and finally all relations with such a person.
The reason for me to stop having friends can be and show envy. If you notice that your friend is jealous of you, then think about. After all, such a friendship ceases to be reliable, but it is valuable. There is no need to wait for him to become embittered or do you something nasty, it is better to gradually keep "" all your communication. Insincerity, flattery and greed – also a good excuse to end the friendship. Appreciate the relationships that call real friendship and try to keep them for life.