In mathematics a matrix is called a two-dimensional table consisting of numbers. In higher mathematics over such matrices produce different actions: Peremohy each other, find determinants, and T. p. Matrix - a special case array: if the array can have any number of dimensions, a matrix is called a two-dimensional array.
In programming, a matrix is also called a two-dimensional array. Any of the arrays in the program has a name as if it were a single variable. To clarify which cells of the array have in mind, at the mention of it in the program together with the variable name using a cell number in it. As a two-dimensional matrix and n-dimensional array in the program may contain not only numeric, but also symbolic, string, bolevoy and other information, but always the same within the entire array.
When printing, stamping, etc. a matrix is called a concave shape. A convex shape in this case is called a punch. Die and punches are often used together.
In a digital camera, phone with camera matrix is called a two-dimensional array of individual photosensitive elements. Every million such elements are called megapixels. If the camera is color, the pixel matrix is called a combination of the three elements that are sensitive to red, green and blue colors.
The matrix may also contain light emitters. Such matrices are divided into passive and active, and, secondly, each of the emitters built into the device manage and store information. In plasma active matrix of such a device is often expressed in an implicit form. In a passive matrix to prevent parasitic currents through adjacent elements, each of them must either have unilateral conductivity, or negative dynamic resistance itself, or to be connected in series with the element having at least one of these properties. Any matrix screens have the important advantage that a small thickness, so they take up little space and can be hung on the wall.
The motion picture "theMatrix" is based on the assumption, as if the world around us actually exists, but only simulated by means of heavy duty computing machines. The film consists of three series: "the Matrix", "MatrixReloaded" and "Matrix: Revolution".