You will need
  • program emulator.
Disable the second core of the CPU using a setup item HyperThreading. To do this, restart the computer, when it loads press Delete and if required, enter the password on the BIOS.
Using the arrow keys to navigate through the program menu of the BIOS, look for settings, HyperThreading, this feature in some models of motherboards is responsible for activating a second processor core. Uncheck use.
Apply the changes on exit of BIOS. Similarly, a return operation of the second core when needed, just by enabling HyperThreading. Remember that this method is valid not for all models of motherboards and processors.
If you need to change the number of cores to run a particular program (often this applies to games and applications to the year 2000), use the application compatibility with the operating system. To do this, click the right mouse button on the icon of the desired program, click "Find object", click in the folder again, right-click the startup file and open the context menu.
Select one of the tabs of the properties of the function run in compatibility mode with earlier versions of the Windows operating system. Try to specify among them one that the release date is most consistent with your program. Apply the changes.
If you use compatibility mode, try installing on your computer special programs-emulator earlier versions of the operating system, the kind you might find in free access in the Internet. Open the program only after starting the emulator, because otherwise there will be no result from its use.