- Is part of the microprocessor that executes a single thread. It, being the main part of microprocessor, determines the majority of its parameters. Among them we can mention the socket type, the frequency of the internal data bus (FSB), the operating frequency of the processor.
A socket is a socket for mounting the processor.

The characteristics of the kernel

There are three main characteristics of the core: voltage and heat, the process, the amount of internal cache first level and second level.
Heat kernel affects the heating of the processor during operation.

The cache is a cache memory. It is used by the CPU to speed up access time to computer memory. Cache memory in modern computers has two levels. Each processor has a private cache of the first level. It is integrated into the processor core. If the processor has two cores and a memory of the second level they have in common in this case is only one processor. The processor core can be full only when there is a private two-level cache memory. Basically, these processors are used in powerful servers and computers.

Dual-core processor

For the minimum configuration is enough to have dual core processor. Moreover, it is used in tablets, smartphones and mobile computing devices.

First dual core chip was massively used in 2005. It was called the Pentium D. basically, the chip used on servers without installation in PC.

CPU (Central processing unit) is a crystal, the surface of which are microscopic transistors, resistors and conductors. Also on the sputtered gold contacts, which is mounted in the housing, and then into the chipset.
Chipset is a set of interacting circuits.
Thus it is possible to provide inside the two chips of the crystal, interconnected and operating as one entity.

The number of cores, different from the units are designed to distribute the tasks. For example, a user browses the web sites are overloaded with scripts. When working CPU with two cores, and site pages will not to be a burden on memory, since the processing is each core in parallel and there is a call to the cache memory.