You will need
    • mushrooms;
    • kitchen knife;
    • food processor;
    • cutting Board;
    • bowl or deep dish.
If you bought fresh mushrooms, pre-rinse them in water, except for the case if you are going to dry. For rinsing, put the mushrooms in a bowl or pan and cover with water. Stir the mushrooms and drain the water. In case of heavy contamination that store-bought mushrooms is rare, wash them in several waters.
Frozen mushrooms before slicing need to be defrosted. Either leave them unzipped on a plate at room temperature for half an hour, or defrost them rapidly using hot water. To do this, pour the mushrooms in a deep dish with boiling water. If they are not thawed until the end, drain and fill them again.This method of thawing is more suitable for subsequent thermal processing of mushrooms. If you want to make a salad with raw mushrooms, it is better to buy them fresh.
Start slicing the mushrooms. Method of cutting depends on what you want to use mushrooms. If you want to stuff them, lay them on a cutting Board, carefully cut the stem of the mushroom, remove the tape connecting the head and foot. Legs cut into small cubes and add to cooked minced hats.
For drying, slice mushrooms thin slices along the fungus. It will help him to dry faster and protect against damage and mold that may occur inside the mushroom that is dried entirely. Very small mushrooms can just cut in half.
For the ragout, cut the mushrooms in cubes. Separate the stem from the cap. Cut the legs across in three or four parts. The hats are also cut into four or more pieces depending on size. Very large hats can also be cut perpendicularly to the growth of the legs.
For the mushroom sauce, chop the mushrooms very finely. You can use a food processor. Lay in mushrooms, close the lid and set the mode for the fine cut products.