You will need
  • - network card;
  • - network cable.
You'll need a total of three network cards. If each computer has only one network adapter, then you can buy another and connect it to one of your PC. This computer will function as server in your network. Be sure to update the drivers for the new network card.
Connect to this computer from the cable provider. Connect the second NIC with the same device on another computer. Use the network cable. Turn on both PCs. Configure the connection to the Internetfrom that computer that was selected for the role of the server. Open the list of network connections in this PC.
Locate the icon for connection to the Internetom and click right button of the mouse. Go to properties of this connection. Open the tab "Access". Find the item "Allow to use this connection with the Internetom other network users." Put the tick, thereby activating it. Select the desired local network.
Go to properties another network card which is connected with the PC. Highlight "Protocol of the Internetand TCP/IP" and click "Options". Activate the checkbox "Use the following IP address", setting it near the tick. Enter in the field "IP address" numbers Click "OK" to save the settings for this network card.
Navigate to the second computer and open the settings menu TCP/IP Protocol, as described in the previous step. Set this PC a new static IP address that is different from the previously entered IP only the last segment. Complete the third and fourth field of this menu by typing in the IP address of the first computer. Save the settings and restart both PCs. Activate the connection to the Internetom the first computer and check the network from the second PC.