You will need
  • - the payment order about payment of the alimony;
  • - a judicial writ of execution, on the basis of which pay child support.
The amount of child support stipulated in the agreement on alimony, the writ or court order which is sent to the company officers of the court. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the salary of the employee.
There (in court) prescribed the procedure for the payment of alimony. Usually the money is transferred to the account of the former wife, send her by mail or handed out. If the procedure of payments of alimony are not discharged until the end, ask the other party (the former spouse of employee), where and how to send child support. It is desirable that it was not just a verbal agreement and a written statement.
Fields of the payment order for the payment of alimony complete according to the regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation dated 03.10.2002 No. 2-P "About clearing settlements in the Russian Federation". In the payment order if the transfer money goes to the personal Bank account, specify the amount of the employee's salary, a month alimony, the number of days worked, amount of income tax, the amount of the remaining debt, the percentage and amount of retention, including the repayment of debt.
In field (61) "was the recipient of the" complete 12-bit identification number of the taxpayer, and in case of his absence, select the zeros.
In accounting, the deduction of the alimony from a salary sleep posting Dt.70 CT. 76,5, and their enumeration - Dt. 76,5 kt. 51.
Will pay the alimony , not later than 3 days after the issue of staff salaries. Note that the delay in the payment of child support leads to a penalty of one-tenth part of the amount for each day of stitching.
Usually one child will pay 25% of income. Two children -1/3 for three or more ½ of income. Alimony paid to adulthood child, and in some cases and then (if illness, incapacity, etc.), besides the payment of child support possible for the afflicted and needy parents as well as former spouses are incapacitated.