You will need
  • fishing line;
  • - rod;
  • pencil.
Attach the reel to the rod.
Take up reel with fishing line. The protruding end of the fishing line pass through the small ring spinning. Thread the fishing line through the next ring. Continue to thread the fishing line through the rings until its end reaches the spool. Pass the line through the rings you need with the end of the rod to make a high-quality winding.
To avoid twisting, provide little resistance before winding the fishing line on the spool. For this you will need the assistance of a partner. One person needs to keep spinning the reel and the other reel with fishing line. It is undesirable to create too much resistance, not to create new loops that are formed as a result of too tight a winding of fishing line on the spool.
Open the arc of the line bale.
Tie the fishing line to the spool.
Wrap the fishing line on the spool. In this case, you have to keep spinning and your partner – reel fishing line on a pencil. Wrap the fishing line, slowly wrapping the coil. In the process line should not SAG and form circles. If you wind the line this way, you will be insured from the formation of spirals.
Pegmatite line to the end, close the shackle.