Do not rush immediately to go into action. Keep in mind that parrots themselves are very noisy. With loud shouts they can celebrate the sunrise and the sunset, they also resort to audible signals to warn of danger. However, if your pet bird is screaming non-stop for the whole day, this is normal. So your task is not to force the parrot to shut up completely, and to eliminate prolonged screams.
как вылечить попугая
Make a journal and keep detailed notes of all the "violent" cases. So you will be able to perform, under any circumstances, your pet becomes restless. If you found a reason for strong and long cries, it's time to think about how to reduce excessive noise and excitement of a parrot.
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Pay no attention to the parrotwhen he screams too much. If you try to calm him down with treats, he'll remember and some time will start to shout again, demanding attention. You will not help, and harm such actions as strikes against the cage, sprinkling water on the parrot, shouting at him. After this treatment the bird may begin to pluck the feathers.
как понять попугая
To reinforce good behavior, give him a treat when he behaves calmly. Praise him, talk and play with him. Get him a stick with bark and leaves, parrots love to chew on them. Communicate with your pet every day. Instead of screaming and teach the bird to talk. Let them Express their emotions with phrases. Remember to always reward the parrot for good behavior. Don't punish the parrot, it came to nothing lead.
Как понять, что попугай заболел
If the parrot can not calm down, move the cage to another room or cover it with something. Experts believe that this helps in most cases. Only after the bird is fully settled down, remove the cover and move the cage back into the room. This method is not always effective. If your parrot screams in fear, it will only aggravate the situation. Scared pet creates a lot of problems, do not expose it to shock.
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Parrot can suffer from loneliness and lack of attention. If you don't have time to chat with a parrot, get him a friend. New bird of either sex a bored parrot will be perceived adequately.
Let your pet loose, let him fly around the apartment freely. Don't forget to close all Windows and lock cat. Leave it to the TV or radio, the sound of the human voice and music are sure to entertain. Make sure that the television program is not included films about the wild, as the growl of predators can scare the parrot.
When you come home, greet your feathered pet. The greeting will prevent unwanted noise, because parrots often use voice signals for the roll call.