You will need
  • - a thermometer;
  • - notebook for notes, pen (pencil);
  • - analysis of mucus from the cervix;
  • - the results of the ultrasound.
The life of the ovum lasts more than one day, and the period of the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg preserved up to several days. Therefore, the most suitable period of conception is the day of ovulation (plus or minus two days). Because the egg has a short life span, the days before ovulation are the most favorable – the male sperm need about one day to go to the fallopian tube. And in the fallopian tube to conceive a child.
Determine the date of conception of the child using the temperature chart. If a woman wants to get pregnant and calculate the auspicious days for conception of the child, then she shall for three consecutive months during each menstrual cycle to measure the temperature in the rectum. To do this, use a thermometer. The measurement should be carried out every day morning and evening (before bed). The measurement should be recorded in a notebook (you can display the results in the form of pattern – curve). During the period of increased temperature high probability of pregnancy.
Contact your gynecologist. Better to do it in the middle of the menstrual cycle. The doctor will take mucus from the cervix for analysis and the results of analysis will determine the period of conception.
Contact the doctors who conduct ultrasound examination of the fetus. These studies will determine with precision not only the month, but the day of conception of the child.