To set the exact date of conception is not difficult for those women who monitor their menstrual cycle and know what day they ovulate. It is only during the release of a Mature egg from the follicle to get pregnant. The menstrual cycle lasts 28-35 days. Ovulation occurs exactly in the middle of this period. For example, if your cycle lasts 28 days, ovulation occurs 12-14 days. Many women believe that conception occurred on that day when you had intercourse. This belief is incorrect. To get pregnant only during ovulation, and this date may not coincide with the day of intercourse (as it is known, the sperm live a few days).
By date of conception you can easily calculate when you give birth. If you are sure that you know the day X, to this date, feel free to add 280 days (just as last pregnancy). The resulting number is the estimated delivery date.
Some gynecologists set the approximate delivery date by the first day of the last menstrual period. Knowing the number of the month when you have started your period, and using a simple formula Negele, it is possible to calculate the date of birth. To do this, from the first day of menstruation to take three months and to the number add seven days. This calculation is not different absolute accuracy. The fact that the formula is designed for women with menstrual cycle 28 days. Those who cycle more or less, I can seriously wrong in the calculations.
When vyschityvanii day of delivery also includes the time the first stirring of the child. Usually a pregnant woman first feels movements at 16-17 weeks. To the date of the first perturbation is necessary to add 5 months those who give birth for the first time, and 5.5 – veritask. It turns out the expected due date.
The most authentic date of birth you can find out after ultrasound examination. Ultrasound identify and specify how many days into the pregnancy. Specialist finds out, measuring parameters of the fetus. The level of development of the child calculates the duration of pregnancy. Accordingly, knowing how many days are you in a position you can easily calculate the date of birth.
In determining your due date can help and other specific features which necessarily takes account of the specialist: the heartbeat and fetal movement, change of size of the uterus, the determination of the height of the uterine fundus.
When birth will come, there will be other signs which might identify the child's date of birth: painless training fights, prolapse of the fetus in the pelvis, the contraction of the uterus.