Take a sheet of watercolor paper and attach it to the tablet. Moisten paper with a damp wide brush or sponge on both sides.
Draw a dark pink watercolor pencil outlines of the petals. On wet paper, the picture is slightly blurred, acquiring the texture of watercolors.
Paint the contour inside of orange, brown and yellow crayon to make smooth color transitions inside of the petal.
Draw the remaining petals of the poppy, and then the heart. Inside colour should be maximally blurred, and the boundaries between them smoothed, you can achieve this, further blurring them with a damp brush.
The boundaries of the petals should be visible, so schedule them distinct light lines with uneven natural edges.
In the shaded parts of the flower use the darker colours for the petals and a dark brown color for painting outlines.
Serdtsevinka make green, and around it put some blurry dark spots. The closer the petals are to the core, the darker and redder tint them. Remember that in the process of painting the petals.
Draw in the same way as many flowers poppy how much you want to see in the picture.
Using brown, green and black pencil mark and draw stems, leaves detail.
Wait until the picture dries, and gently, without disturbing the transparent texture of watercolor flowers add the missing touches and details. Your Mac is ready for it to dry completely and put in a beautiful frame.