Calm down, stop all the anger. Catch up on work, children, or others. In this case, to preserve the family need not to do anything foolish. It is clear that you have thoughts of revenge to his wife, the cheater and her lover, but think about what you really want. After all, you can completely destroy a family. Getting drunk is not worth it - it's not really a way out. Think about the change only in the presence of sober and close friend who will understand you and support.
Calmly listen to his wife. Ask her what she wants. Surely at this point, the cheater will attempt to ask your forgiveness. If this does not happen, then give your wife time. Let her think and take decision for themselves. We should not blame her, did not remember about the incident.
Forgive betrayal and do not say: "Forgive, but never do." This, of course, would be the simplest solution. However, this way, you give her the green light to the subsequent treatments left.
Be unavailable for a while. Don't overdo it, and you can think that, God forbid, something happened. Show your apathy towards the fact of treason. It will be interesting to his wife. This way you will be able on the stump to break all expectations.
Do not show a high value of wife for you. Do not make any confessions that you love her, no compliments. In this case, you need a skillful combination of hot sex and cold attitude.
Give a reason to be jealous. She will expect you to infidelity in order to become quitye. Don't give her the opportunity to do so. However, to get a little jealous. This will provoke her feelings, she'll understand that you can lose.
Learn without hesitation to get up and leave. I can also say a few words about the unacceptable attitude to you.
Make it clear to his wife that the blame of treason to it, and therefore corrected it. Do not be distracted by any attempts to normalize ahead of time, and even more to rectify the situation in their favor.